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Tilting Worlds NC17 Sirius x Severus SLASH - haloangel204
Tilting Worlds NC17 Sirius x Severus SLASH

A/N: I thought a lot about this and it took some pondering to make the decision to write it, but I believe it was the right choice. While 'we' can relate to Ambrosia as fangirls, I want her experience to be as realistic as possible. I do hope you enjoy.

Tilting Worlds

Ambrosia Harrison was an average sixteen year old girl, who just happened to possess a weird name and had a 'fangirly' obsession with characters from the famous novel Harry Potter by British author J.k. Rowling. Her friends described her as: bubbly, enthusiastic, loyal, bright and slightly crazy. None of her local friends understood her rather eccentric and dramatic love for her favourite character Severus Snape. To others he was: ugly, nasty, unpleasant and cold. To her he was: well it depends which age she described him at!

Ordinarily, at his canon age he was beautiful. The way his blank bangs framed a pale face and black pits for eyes. His skin almost looked fragile, sometimes, like porcelain. His eyes were soulful. His voice was sexy as hell! His dark attitude and attire, mysterious and alluring. His intelligence not much short of genius! And other obvious traits that people had learnt from the last book: brave, loyal and enduring to the end. His death had affected her so that she couldn't sleep properly for a week!

In his youth he was beautifully vulnerable and open, still most lovely coloured and intelligent, but less confident, therefore allowing her to think more cute. Though he still retained his dry and sarcastic manner, especially to his enemies like James Potter and Sirius Black.

But you see Ambrosia believed in hate-love chemistry, opposites attract, a main focus causes spontaneous emotions etc. Thus she was a Snack fan. Mmmm Snack. It was odd. If she actually met Severus Snape she wouldn't want him for herself but for Sirius!

"I only wished they had realised when they were young!" Ambrosia remarked casually. "They are so kyute!" she squealed. Baby blue eyes lit up with joy and wavy honey coloured hair dancing around her form as she lifted her hands in the air!

Suddenly the scene were Severus was walking down the corridor on that dark, stormy night came on. Ambrosia drewled. Then knowing what was coming her heart sank. I wish he didn't die! I wish I could help him! A tear slid down one pale bronze cheek.

Somewhere outside in the sky a piece of debris had entered the Earth's atmosphere. And a white flash sparkled across the sky.

There was a moments silence and awareness, and then blank…

"I don't care Sirius Orion Black. You are a disgrace to this family! Get out of my house!" Walburga screamed terrifyingly. "Mum,,," Sirius protested. "Now you bastard!" she shrieked. Sirius' eyes darkened dangerously. "Gladly" he said stonily, before grabbing his backpack and storming off.

Ambrosia groaned and lifted her hand to the aching pain in her head. "Oww" she whispered in a dizzying daze. "What's all the screaming!" she wondered. Her vision was blurry and it took a moment for her world to come into focus. She was kneeling on the ground on what appeared to be shrubbery and various types of grasses that opened up into a large park.

"What the hell!" Ambrosia asked frightfully. "Where am I!" she demanded, eyes scanning her environment once more.

There was a rustle from behind her and suddenly someone knocked her off her feet. "Shit"a male's voice cursed. She was immediately helped to her feet. "I'm sorry I didn't see you in the dark. I was in a hurry" the voice spoke apologetically.

Ambrosia shook her head and grabbed the boy's arms to steady herself. She theen lokked up into her perpetrator and saviour's eyes. What she saw blew all the air out of her lungs like a vacuum. Her world tilted 360 degrees. "Si-Sirius!" she managed to gasp, totally freak out.

Sirius pulled an odd look. His stare intensified. "Sorry… Do I know you!" he requested suspiciously.

Ambrosia paused. "Uhm…no" she responded in a far off voice. "This is not normal…" she quipped under her breath. "No no no no no…..!" she continued to mutter incoherently, her hands over her head.

Sirius stared. Who in Merlin's name was this girl! She knew his name, and he observed that she was clearly insane.

Ambrosia was now having a panic attack. Oh merlin! Have I gone mad! Is this all in my mind? I must be crazy! What if this is real-there's no way. What to do! What to do….she panicked. Somewhere from inside her, Merlin knows where, a voice said Get a grip Ambrosia! Act if you have to!

She took several deep breaths to calm herself. She then looked up at Sirius who was still staring at her with a now disturbed look. "I am sorry. I just- I went through something pretty emotional today…" Think of something! "I had to leave home…leave my family" she uttered uncertainly.

Sirius looked completely changed to one she could only place as compassionate. "Did your family kick you out of home!" he asked seriously. "Yes." She answered immediately. "Yes I had a fight with my family and they demanded that I leave. Then I took some medicine and I passed out..I think cause of stress…" she made up.

"I'm sorry I was just very confused and panicked about today." She added immediately.

Sirius looked her over again. Her eyes seemed sincere and she did genuinely look scared. "I understand." He said compassionately. "But that doesn't answer how you know my name? Are you a witch?" he asked sternly.

"Yes" she answered as convincingly as she could. I went to school in America, and I am transferring to Hogwarts this year. I went there for an interview with Dumbledore. I saw a photo of my year that I'll be in, that is, sixth year and noticed you, cause well you know…I thought you were pretty cute" she made up shyly.

Sirius opened his mouth and shut it again. "Oh" he returned dumbly.

He continued to stare at her and she continued to stare back meekly. He didn't fully believe her, but if she was a muggle that had knowledge of the magical world, the authorities would be onto her. Besides if the photo story wasn't true, perhaps she was a clairvoyant and just knew things, then she'd be a witch anyway.

What were the odds that the two of them, strangers headed for the same destination, and in the same situation meet like this? He thought it was pretty damn high, then again, maybe not. He still wanted to know what kind of person she was. And he knew the correct questions to ask.

"So…you know my name but I don't know yours it-"

"Ambrosia" she cut in gently.

"Ambrosia huh?" he queried. "Food of the Gods?" he confirmed.

"Yes" Ambrosia answered brightly. "How do you know?"

Sirius thought about his answer for a moment. "In muggle studies I like to read Ancient Greek Myths. Besides most of the old stock of witches and wizards had latin or Greek names." He explained slowly. "I take it your part muggle then?" he asked seriously.

"Yeah…" she answered slowly. "My mother is a muggle. My dad is a halfblood".

"What about you?" she tried hesitantly, trying to play this out, yet keep some truth to it. She ahted lying.

Sirius hesitated and then. "I'm a pure blood." He stated matter of factly.

"Ok" Ambrosia answered simply.

There was an awkward pause.

And then "What do you think about bloodline supremecy?" he asked carefully, his eys studying every inch of her now.

With great sincereness she spoke. "It doesn't matter to me what 'blood' someone has. To me I consider all people to be equal, owing to the fact that we are all human".

"Just being magical is more fun though" she added cheekily to break the tense atmosphere.

Sirius nodded and for the first time he gave a small smile.

"What house do you want to be in Ambrosia?" he asked, this question more lightly.

"Gryffindor" was the automatic, and sure response.

Sirius grinned then. "That's my house" he said happily.

"Really?" Ambrosia responded falsely.

"Yeah…" he said warmly. "It's the best house. You will see." He continued to smile softly at her.

Ambrosia nodded her head awkwardly.

"Sirius?" she asked tentatively.


"When I started coming back to consciousness I heard a woman screaming at you. I heard what she said! Did your family disown you?" she asked her eyes wide and compassionate.

Sirius looked away, hurt and angry. "Yes" he answered quietly. "My parents are- nasty… That's why I said I understand your situation" he answered cautiously.


He looked at her eyes, they meant it. The gratitude was there.

"So you're completely alone?" he asked.

"Yes" she said in a small voice.

"As am I. Look since we are heading to the same place….Do you want to travel with me?" he asked earnestly.

Ambrosia looked at him a bit dazed. Then the information registered with a fierce knock. She knew nothing and she could only rely on Sirius at the moment. In this world, she was alone. She felt the reality of the situation turn her stomach. Daunting emotions surfaced and Sirius recognised it this time.

"Hey…" he comforted in a soothing voice, squeezing her shoulders. "Don't be scared. It will all work out. I will protect you…" the last part came out unexpectedly, but as surprisingly with a genuine certainty.

"Ok Sirius" she stated, just getting over her fear.

He put his hand around her shoulders and started to lead her away. "C'mon I'll take you to my friend James' place. His mum owns a store in Diagon Alley. She could give us a job over the summer, and you will need to get school stuff too" he said assuredly.

Ambrosia's despair lightened with Sirius' confidence and comfort. As they walked she lay her head sleepily on his shoulder. "Thank you, Sirius" she whispered gratefully, not knowing what the future would hold for her, but trusting in Sirius to guide her through this uncertain world.

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